21-22 September 2021 - Network conference 2021
"21st year of 21st century - Western Balkans’ Challenge of Common Future" in Belgrade (Serbia)
                                  Call for Papers

26-27 November 2020 - Network conference 2020
"Territorial governance arrangements for resilience in urban-rural interaction" (26th-27th November 2020, Leipzig, Germany)
organized as a session within the international conference
"Sustainable & Resilient Urban-Rural Partnerships – URP2020" (25th-27th November 2020, Leipzig, Germany)
                                  Call for Papers
                                  Conference website of URP2020

24-25 October 2019
International Scientific Conference
"The e-Future of Cities: Between Temptations of Exponential Technology Growth and the Concept of Human City" in Belgrade (Serbia)
                                  Call for Papers
                                  Conference website

26-27 September 2019 - Network Conference 2019
"Territorial Development in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe – 'Places that do not matter' and inner peripheries" in Tirana (Albania)

                                  Call for papers

22-23 November 2018 - Network Conference 2018
"From Smart Cities to Smart Regions in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe" in Bratislava (Slovakia)
                                  Book of Abstracts



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